10 Best FRONT LOAD Washing Machines in India 2023

The best front-load washing machine in 2023 is going to be the one which is equipped with the latest technologies, is low on budget and that comes with brand reliability.

Nowadays many people are preferring a fully-automatic top load washing machine as their first washing machine, but buying the first washing machine as a front load makes more sense in 2023.

The best thing about choosing the best front load washing machine over a top load washing machine is here you get more advanced technologies, excellent wash quality, one step ahead of the performance and last but not least, the compact, premium piece of engineering which becomes a head Turner home appliance at your home.

Also, in the last section you will get answers on why front load washing machines are better than a top load washing machine on the basis of performance, durability, and customer satisfaction, and general FAQs.

If you want to know more about Washing Machines first, you can refer to our Buying Guide.

And here ahead you will find the list of the best front-loading washing machines in India in 2023.

List of Best Front Load Washing Machines in 2023

Which is the Best Front Load Washing Machine in India 2023?

Importance of Front Load washing machines

Basically a fully automatic washing machine takes care of everything through its single washer & dryer compartment and well-designed programs like Fuzzy Logic. Also, you might find a front-load washing machine satisfying your performance & budget requirement

But as buying a best washing machine in India is a long term investment for every Indian family and the machine you bought should worth every penny of it. 

Additionally, all front load washing machine comes with inbuilt heater which provide more hygienic and germ-free wash. Top Loading washing machines have very few options with an inbuilt heater to buy.

If you think a little more about your LONG-TERM INVESTMENT, spending  5000-10000 rupees more now by buying the best Front-load Washing Machine can save your 10000 rupees (approximately) in next 10 years.

Saving in terms of less maintenance cost, fewer electricity bills, less water usage (environmental satisfaction), and wash quality will always be better than a top-load machine.

best front load washing machine in india

Front load vs Top load Washing Machines

As all of us know that Top Load Washing Machine is nothing but a traditional choice in India but now they are losing their popularity because modern Indian families are buying Front Load Washing Machines in India because of their added benefits over traditional top loaders.

First of all, front loader washing machines look damn cool at home. It gives your home more modern & western look with such upgraded home appliances. Well, I added this looks feature first because it matters.

Apart from modern looks, front-loading washing machines are more energy-efficient as compared to top loaders. So over a long term of use, top loader machine would definitely save a lot of bucks on your electricity bills.

Also, front-loading machines require much less water than a traditional top-loading machine because of Tumbling Action washing. In simple words, front loaders have a horizontal drum which lifts cloths from one side and splashes them on another side of the drum. 

So drum of front load washing machine effectively uses gravity in the washing cycle and saves your energy as well as water consumption.

Front loading washing machines uses less detergents with warm water and uses around 40% less water as compared to any top load or semi-automatic washing machine.

 For better wash, recommended front load detergents are Ariel Matic or Surf Excel Matic (Amazon product links).

Front Load Washing Machine vs Washer Dryer Combo

Most of us still not aware that there are in fact two different types of front loaders, Front Load Washing Machine and Washer Dryer combo.

As you already know about front load washing machine, let me tell you that washer dryer is very similar to it but its dryer function is an added advantage.

Washer function is same for both of these washers.

But, drying cycle in case of a front load washing machine is Spin Dry, while Washer Dryer has Tumble Dry.

Spin dry – Front load washing machine rotates the drum to the maximum spin speed, which makes water present in wet laundry to be pushed outward by centrifugal action. 

  • Front load washing machine provides up to 60% of drying.

Tumble dry – Dryer set or washer dryer also rotates drum to maximum spin speed and meanwhile pushes hot air to pass through laundry which helps quicker drying of wet laundry.

  • Washer dryer combo or Dryer set provides up to 95% of drying.


I have sorted these machines capacity-wise and explained each & every feature of them in details for you to ease your decision to buy the best washing machine for your family’s home use.

So here are the Best Front Loading Washing Machines in India 2023.

Bosch 6 kg Front Loading Washing Machine (Bosch WLJ2016WIN)

Capacity : 6 kg

Max. Spin Speed : 800 RPM

Wash Programs : 10+

Best features (explained below) : Low Pressure working, Active Water, Anti-tangle, Allergy Plus, Drum Clean, Reload Function, Super 15’/30’ Program

Best Suitable for : Bachelors, Couples

Bosch is a German brand, so undoubtedly you can trust their build quality and durability.

This Bosch 6 kg WLJ2016WIN is from ‘Serie | 2’ series and is the entry-level washing machine but it gives the best wash quality in the 6 kg category machines.

It is also energy and water-efficient being a fully-automatic washing machine.  It comes with a warranty of 2 years on product and 10 years on motor.

Apart from the feature mentioned below, there is an outstanding technology by Bosch washing machines that they can work at low water pressures up to 0.3 bar.

  • This Bosch 6 kg front load washing machine has Active Water feature that uses multiple sensors to sense weight & fabric type of laundry and adjust water level. Hence it saves water.
  • PreWash feature is useful to soak cloths as a pre-wash treatment for your laundry. And Anti-Tangle program helps to reduce tangling of laundry up to 50%.
  • This front loader comes with different wash programs Allergy Plus for hygienic wash, Super 15’/30’ Program for quick laundry wash in 15-30 minutes with just a click on one button.
  • VoltCheck function is suitable in areas where voltage fluctuations are severe.  This best front load washing machine can pause the program if more fluctuations or interruption in power supply is detected. It can later resume the last wash program when continuous supply is available.
  • This Bosch 6 kg front loading washing machine has Biggest Drum in this Segment which also comes with Drum Clean technology which removes toxic residuals on drum surface ensuring a long life of the drum.
  • Like top loaders, with Reload Function in Bosch front loader machine, you can add laundry in between wash cycle.


  • Daily wash program 
  • Low-Pressure Water 


  • Doesn’t have timer display
  • Few reviews of being bit noisy
  • Moderate service by Bosch

** Additional with this Bosch 6kg Front Load Washing Machine, you will need to buy a Screw Tap and an Adjusting Buffer Screw for installation of this machine.

For better vibration-free washing, Bosch Washing Machine Stand and Bosch Cover (Amazon product links) are advisable by Bosch itself.

LG 6 kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine (LG FHM1006ADW)

Capacity : 6 kg

Max. Spin Speed : 1000 RPM

Wash Programs : 13

Best features (explained below) : Inverter technology, Direct Drive technology, Tub Clean, Baby Care program, 6 Motion Control, Smart Diagnosis

Best Suitable for : Bachelors, Couples

No wonder LG has the most popular and trustworthy products in India. So with this entry-level LG front loading washing machine with 6 kg capacity, LG has provided a variety of features at a very good price tag. 

This LG front loader has a best-in-category Spin Speed of 1000 RPM for faster drying. It comes with 10 years warranty on motor and 2 years on product.

The best-highlighted features of this LG 6 kg front loading machine is Inverter technology which saves electricity by 36%. 

  • This machine uses Direct Drive technology, which means it has motor directly connected to a rotating drum without any belt drive like in Bosch, IFB washing machines.
  • Direct Drive technology provides more powerful wash and reduced noise by much extent as compared to belt/pulley drives.
  • This machine uses a Stainless Steel drum (which is common in almost all front-loading machines) and it also has Tub Clean function which cleans the tub along with the drum at 85°C water to remove any trapped dirt or stains. This ensures the long odor-free life of the drum.
  • This LG 6 kg front loading washing machine has a good temperature range from Coldwater to 95°C. This Heater function works along with the Baby Care program to help germ & bacteria-free cleaning of baby clothes.
  • Also to be tough on any type of stains, the LG front loading machine comes with 6 Motion Control Technology which moves the drum in 6 different directions to get clothes ultra clean.
  • The most important feature in the best LG front load washing machines is Smart Diagnosis. You can connect to your machine by the SmartThinQ app and know the problem. It can diagnose up to 86 errors in the machine.


  • Less noisy
  • Good service by LG
  • Less wrinkled clothes


  • No cons found other than delivery/installation guy attitude issues

** LG has launched another model with Steam Spa technology which handle delicate clothes more gently. So if you have a lot of delicate & thin clothes in your wardrobe, so for around INR 5000-6000 more, you may want to check LG 6.5 kg FH0FANDNL02 Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Samsung 6.5 kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine (Samsung WW65R20GLSW/TL)

Capacity : 6.5 kg

Max. Spin Speed : 1000 RPM

Wash Programs : 10

Best features (explained below) : Steam, Digital Inverter, Ceramic heaters, Volt Control, Diamond Drum, Quick Wash, Silver Wash

Best Suitable for : Bachelors, Couples

Again the well-known, popular washing machine brand in India is here.

This beautiful Samsung front load washing machine has a 6.5 kg capacity and a maximum Spin Speed of 1000 RPM which is sufficient for a normal load of laundry. 

This machine may cost around 2000 rupees more than LG 6 kg Inverter Front Load Washing Machine but at this price, you get more capacity along with more refined quality.

The best thing I personally like about the Samsung 6.5kg front load washing machine is that it get Hygiene Steam technology at this price point. The use of steam sanitizes the fabrics and increases the life of the laundry.

This machine has the lowest weight of 54 kg in this category of front loaders.

This Samsung 6.5 kg front loader uses Digital Inverter technology which saves electricity more efficiently than other inverter washing machines. 

Vibrations & noise generation are very low in this front loader and it comes with a warranty of 10 years on the motor & digital inverter and 3 years on the product.

  • This Samsung’s best front load washing machine in India comes with Ceramic heaters heats up quote quickly which adds more value to its energy efficiency. 
  • Samsung’s Volt Control technology makes it capable of stabilizing power fluctuations up to 25% and it can stop & again restart the machine from the last wash cycle in case of power failures.
  • It has a well-designed Diamond Drum that provides gentle wash on your delicate clothes and saves them from sticking into drum holes. 
  • If you are in a hurry to wash off your daily laundry, it has Quick Wash function which takes around 15 minutes to neatly wash lightly soiled clothes.
  • This front-loading washing machine also has Silver Wash technology which removes odor from your clothes.


  • Water & energy efficient
  • Great looks


  • Water inlet pipe is short

If you got budget constraints, you can look for this Samsung Front Load Washing Machine Below 20000 rupees in India.

There is an entry-level 6 kg IFB washing machine but we are not including it in our list because it had so many mixed reviews. 

But again as IFB 6 kg Diva Aqua SX has so many good reviews in terms of build quality, wash quality, features & loyal customer base, we will have other best IFB front load washing machines reviewed here.

IFB 7 kg Front Loading Washing Machine (Neo Diva BX)

Capacity : 7  kg

Max. Spin Speed : 1000 RPM

Wash Programs : 11

Best features (explained below) : Craddle Wash, Aqua Energie, Ball Valve Technology, 3D Wash System, Crescent Moon Drum, Auto Balance, Laundry Add

Best Suitable for : Family with 4-5 members

This IFB Neo Diva BX front loading washing machine comes with 7 kg of capacity which is sufficient for a mid-sized family. 

This machine has a Spin Speed of 1000 RPM which gives it moderate drying time. 

With timer display & physical buttons, it has no touch panel like Samsung 7 kg front loader. But personally I would say we should look for features above appearance.

This machine has a variety of features which makes it stand out in the crowd and it comes with 4 years of warranty on motor and product.

For washing efficiency, this IFB front loader has Craddle Wash technology which takes care of gentle washing of your delicate clothes like silk, satin, etc. 

This machine also comes with its most popular feature Aqua Energie which energizes water (also hard water) inside the drum so that detergent gets effectively dissolved into it. 

Again to save more detergent it has Ball Valve Technology which doesn’t let detergent flow out with rinsed water.

  • This machine uses 3D Wash System which uses water sprays to soak your laundry effectively for better wash ahead. And its specially designed Crescent Moon Drum provides cushion to your laundry and prevent it from damages inside the drum.
  • Like every other machine, the IFB front loading washing machine also has High-Low Voltage Protection which trips the washing cycle according to voltage fluctuations and resumes your wash cycle once the current supply is stable. 
  • To reduce vibrations in the front-loading machine it has Auto Balance System inside the drum which detects unbalanced clothes & redistributes them for functioning.
  • The best feature you get in this IFB 7 kg front loading washing machine is the Laundry Add Option. You started washing your laundry and you forget to put the most important dress which you want to wear tonight, you can now add it in between the wash cycle without disturbing the ongoing wash cycle.
  • Other features to mention are Foam-Control which prevents excessive foaming in the drum and Tub Clean feature which dries drum after wash keeping it healthy for long.


  • Hard water suitable
  • 2D wash system doesn’t require soaking of cloths


  • Energy efficiency is low
  • Not so good service from IFB

** IFB would require you buy water tap filter, washing machine stand as accessories which will cost you extra bucks. So please make a note of it.

Do you know Bosch was founded in 1886 by German Engineer named Robert Bosch and this company is operating in India since 1922?  Well I am sharing this great history as next best front loading washing machine in India 2023 is from Bosch itself.

Bosch 7 kg Front Loading Washing Machine (Bosch WAJ24262IN)

Capacity : 7 kg

Max. Spin Speed : 1200 RPM

Wash Programs : 15

Best features (explained below) : low water pressure, ActiveWater, SpeedPerfect, VarioDrum, Drum Clean, ReloadFunction

Best Suitable for : Family with 4-5 members

This Bosch 7 kg Front Load Washing Machine is a sturdy machine and has a good Spin Speed of 1200 RPM which gives relatively better drying time.

The best thing about this Bosch front loader is it works at low water pressure up to 0.3 bars (company claimed) and you get a free inlet water filter along with this machine which fits almost every taps in India. 

Like every other best front loader, it also comes with Voltage Control System which takes care of voltage fluctuations.

This front loader has ActiveWater feature which controls water intakes through various sensors according to laundry weight and fabric type.

Its SpeedPerfect feature helps you save up to 65% of washing time. 

Both of these features make this Bosch 7 kg front loading machine water and energy-efficient.

  • Talking about its drum, this Bosch front load washing machine has the biggest drum in the 7 kg segment and it comes with specially designed VarioDrum technology which protects your laundry & delicate clothes from inner damages. 
  • It has Drum Clean function which thoroughly cleans drum after wash ensuring longer machine life.
  • Again, if you have started washing your laundry & forgot to add other clothes, you can add them in between the ongoing wash cycle through its ReloadFunction.
  • And last but most important point is this Bosch 7 kg front loading washing machine has a solidly built body that vibrates nearly to zero. yes, this machine won’t require you to buy an additional stand (Brownie point).


  • Solid design
  • Excellent wash
  • Almost Vibration free


  • No cons found

** If you want to go for more capacity with similar features as that of above Bosch 7 kg front loader, you can go for Bosch 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WAT24464IN, Silver).

You will get a few additional features in Bosch 8 kg front loading washing machines.

Express Wash is helpful for wash your laundry in 60 minutes and Allergy Plus for more hygienic washing. Also, it comes with EcoSilent Motor Drive which makes this machine silent throughout the wash & dry cycle.

Besides the fact that LG Electronics is the 2nd largest electronics maker company after Samsung Electronics, LG Washing Machines are sold more than Samsung Washing Machines in India. 

But if we talk about the performance, quality, aftersales service from both LG and Samsung washing machines, both are tough rivals to each other and both their best front load washing machine in India.

Let’s talk about next LG front loader in 7 kg category.

LG 7 kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine (LG FHM1207ZDL)

Capacity : 7  kg

Max. Spin Speed : 1200 RPM

Wash Programs : 10

Best features (explained below) : Compact size, SmartThinQ, Inverter Direct Drive, 6-Motion Control, Baby Care, Tub Clean

Best Suitable for : Family with 4-5 members

This LG front loader comes with a good capacity of 7 kg and Spin Speed of 1200 RPM which dries laundry quite quickly.

It comes with 2 years warranty on the product and 10 years warranty on the motor. 

This is a compact size machine in 7 kg club of front loading washing machines which will fit in your home quite comfortably.

The beauty of this LG front loader is thick Chrome edged door on the luxury silver coloured body. It comes with a timer on display along with a waterproof touch panel. 

It also has smartphone connectivity feature through SmartThinQ app to diagnose your washing machine.

What makes it more energy efficient is LG’s very own Inverter Direct Drive. In this drive, the drum is directly coupled to the motor which prevents much power loss like in a belt or pulley drive.

  • For best in class washing quality, it has 6-Motion Control technology which along with preferred wash programs be tough on hard stains while being gentle on your delicate fabrics. 
  • It moves drum in multiple directions while washing and gives your laundry a special cushion from walls of the drum.
  • Baby Care program is specially programmed for more hygienic washing of baby clothes at high water temperatures.
  • High-temperature washing with specially designed programs helps to remove bacteria, enzymes & detergent residues in clothes.
  • The drum is made up of Stainless Steel which also comes with Tub Clean technology like every other machine.
  • Tub cleaning in this LG front loader works like 85°C water wash to drum which removes stains, debris & fragments stuck in corner of drum and clean them maintaining hygiene & ensuring long life odour free life of the machine.


  • Compact size
  • Super Silent
  • Excellent Wash


  • No cons found

** If you want to settle with 8 kg capacity LG Washing Machine along with similar features, then you may go for LG 8.0 kg  (FHM1208ZDL, Silver) on Amazon.

It has additional feature called as Optimal Wash which adds more benefit to its washing performance and also this LG 8 kg Front Loading Washing Machine  is listed under Best 8 kg Front Load Washing Machine on our blog.

So if your family has members more than 5, and if you feel washing machines up to 7 kgs reviewed above won’t help you reach your laundry requirements, then you should get 8 kg+ washing machine for your large family. It will obviously add bucks to your budget but will drop lot of advanced features in your bucket.

IFB 8 kg Front Loading Washing Machine (IFB Senator WSS)

Capacity : 8  kg

Max. Spin Speed : 1400 RPM

Wash Programs : 14

Best features (explained below) : Time Delay, Air Bubble, Aqua Energie, 4D Wash System, Ball Valve, CradleWash, Laundry Add, Auto Balance

Best Suitable for : Big Family with 5-8 members

This IFB front load washing machine has a capacity of 8 kg which is sufficient for large Indian families of 5+ members.

And as for such a huge laundry, drying time should not be an issue so it comes with a huge 1400 RPM Spin Speed. 

This front-loading machine has a company warranty of 4 years on product & 4 years on motor.

This IFB Senator WXS washing machine has a big LCD display where you get all information related to the washing program selected, cycle time, the process being done, etc. 

Also, with this front loading machine, you can delay the washing process with the Time Delay feature. This feature is useful if you want to start washing just 2 hours before you reach home from the office, so that as soon as you reach you get your laundry ready in the machine.

You can expect outstanding wash quality from this IFB 8 kg front loader as it has the best features available which makes it amongst the Best Front Load Washing Machines in India.

  • The best feature in this IFB front loading washing machine is Air Bubble Wash. During the wash cycle, this feature creates millions of bubble that moves through the fabric and removes tough stains on clothes. 
  • Also, it has a feature named as Aqua Energie which energizes water so that detergent can dissolve in it the best way possible. This feature is useful for areas where hard water is an issue. This is one of the Best Washing Machines for Hard Water areas.
  • Crescent Moon Drum technology has a specially designed groove on a drum that provides a gentle cushion to your laundry and prevents internal damages to it.
  • The most important feature this IFB front loading machine has is a 3D Wash System that sprays water in 3 directions which helps your laundry get soaked effectively in water without the need for extra initial soak-time.
  • This front loader also has Ball Valve Technology which prevents detergent from flowing away along with water. Hence, saves detergent usage.
  • Rest this machine has all programs for hygienic wash, baby clothes wash, mixed fabric wash, quick wash, etc.
  • An additional feature you get in this IFB front loader is Laundry Add, with which you can add your missed laundry in between wash cycles.
  • Auto Balance system which balances laundry inside the drum and makes this washing machine vibration-free. High voltage fluctuation protection is also there in-built in this machine.


  • Excellent wash quality
  • Suitable for hard water
  • Suitable for big Indian families


  • No machine related cons found
  • Installation guy issues

** Many have reviewed that installation guys sales essential like stand, filter, stabilizer which costs additional bucks to you. Please make note of that.

So the next best washing machine are more than 8 kg capacity. So if you can budget around 40000, you can go for these washing machines blindly.

Samsung 8 kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine (Samsung WW80T4040CE/TL)

Capacity : 8  kg

Max. Spin Speed : 1200 RPM

Wash Programs : 12

Best features (explained below) : Digital Invertor Technology, Eco Bubble, Bubble Soak, Eco Drum Clean, 15 Quick Wash, Smart Check, Hygiene Steam Wash

Suitable for : Big Family with 5-8 members

Another best seller and tough rival in 8 kg category of washing machines, this Samsung front loading washing machine has 8 kg capacity which is suitable for a big family with 5-8 members

Maximum Spin Speed is 1200 RPM, which is comparatively moderate in this category of machines and it has company warranty of 2 years on product & 10 years of motors.

The highlighted feature of this Samsung 8 kg front loading washing machine is Digital Invertor Technology, which uses strong magnetic field for more silent operation of this machine.

This feature provides vibration-free stability and makes it consume very less energy.

The features behind its excellent wash quality are Eco Bubble & Bubble soak. Both are explained below.

  • Eco Bubble technology turns detergent into a bubble and forces it through fabrics to remove hard stains & dirt. This feature protects the texture & color of the fabric in long run.
  • Using this technology this Samsung 8 kg front loading washing machine is able to provide the best wash quality at low-temperature water (up to 15°C), which indirectly saves energy of heating water at elevated temperatures.
  • Bubble Soak technology cleans your clothes thoroughly. With this function, clothes are soaked in active bubbles which loosens the stubborn stains (like blood) and are then removed much effectively.
  • This Samsung front loading washing machine has the best tub cleaning technology ever, which is known as Chemical-Free Drum Sanitization.
  • This feature in Samsung front load washing machines uses Eco Drum Clean technology which keeps the drum clean without any chemicals. It also alarms you when you need to clean the washing machine drum with this feature.
  • Along with all required programs Baby care, cotton wash, super-eco wash, it has a program called 15 Quick Wash which is very useful to wash lightly soiled laundry in 15 minutes. 
  • And as the wash quality of this machine is excellent, you can expect neatly cleaned clothes at the end of this program.
  • Another best feature of this Samsung 8 kg front loading washing machine is Smart Check, which runs through a smartphone app and detects & diagnoses problems in your machine.
  • It also provides easy solutions that you can implement yourself to take care of your washing machine and saves you from your future maintenance expenses.

Additionally, in the latest model, Samsung has also added Hygiene Steam Wash which makes this Samsung Front loader the Best Front Load Washing Machine in India 2023.


  • Eco Bubble wash feature
  • Excellent wash quality for huge laundry


  • No laundry add feature. But you can pause this machine and after 2-3 mins you can add clothes through front door itself.

** Please Note– Most of the Front load washing machines don’t recommend using stands. Keeping your machine on stand may cause more vibrations in washing machine.

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IFB 8.5 kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine (IFB Executive Plus VX ID)

Capacity : 8.5  kg

Max. Spin Speed : 1400 RPM

Wash Programs : 14+

Best features (explained below) : Aqua Energie, 3D Wash, Foam Control, 9-Swirl Motion, Express Wash, Time Delay, Auto Imbalance System

Suitable for : Big Family with 6-9 members

This big boy from IFB Appliances has a capacity of 8.5 kg which is sufficient for a large family of 6-9 members.

This IFB front loader has a maximum Spin Speed of 1400 RPM which is great for quick drying. It comes with a comprehensive warranty of 4 years from IFB.

This IFB 8.5 kg front loading washing machine has ultimate wash quality with a variety of best washing features available in this machine.

Each of them is explained below.

This IFB front loader also has an Aqua Energie feature which energizes water inside the drum. It softens hard water effectively and helps detergent to dissolve in it more efficiently. Laundry gets a very softer wash with this feature. 

And 3D Wash System sprays water jets from a different side of laundry which helps clothes soak better without having to run an extra soaking cycle initially.

Excessive foams are removed by its Foam Control System. Ball Valve saves detergent.

  • This IFB Executive Plus front loader has 9-Swirl Motion Technology which takes care of your clothes to look new for quite a long time. It moves the drum in 9 different directions while washing, it gives extra cushion & more efficient care to your laundry.
  • The specially designed program Express Wash is useful for a quick wash of lightly soiled small load of clothes. It makes your laundry odour-free so it is useful for Gym clothes. 
  • You also get a Time Delay option with this machine through which you can set start timing for this IFB executive plus washing machine as per your requirement.
  • It was specially designed to wash programs for bedsheets & blanket cleaning, baby clothes, woolens, etc. strategically designed Crescent Moon Drum provides cushion to your laundry through the wash cycle. It prevents any kind of internal damages. 
  • This machine balances laundry while washing through its Auto Imbalance System feature, which makes it noise and vibration-free.


  • Suitable for large families
  • Saves a good amount of water


  • Vibrations may occur (check them before you to buy IFB stand)

Lets move to Best 9 kg Front Loading Washing Machines in India 2023.

LG 9 kg Inverter Wi-Fi Front Loading Washing Machine (LG FHT1409SWS)

Capacity : 9 kg

Max. Spin Speed : 1400 RPM

Wash Programs : 14+

Best features (explained below) : Steam Care Wash, Inverter Direct Drive, 6 Motion Control Technology, TurboWash technology, SmartThinQ WiFi

Suitable for : Big Family with 8-10 members

This LG front loading washing machine is the best budget 9 kg front load washing machine in India 2023 as of now compared to other machines, their features & wash quality. 

Its 9 kg capacity is sufficient for large families with 8-10 members for daily laundry requirements.

It has a Spin Speed of 1400 RPM which is enough for drying huge laundry load efficiently.

This LG 9 kg front loading washing machine has the LG company comprehensive warranty of 2 years on product and 10 years on motor.

This front loader has so many advanced features which are explained below.

The best-highlighted feature with LG front loading washing machine is Steam Care Wash or Germ-Free Wash.

This feature uses innovative steam technology which removes bacteria from your delicate clothes (and other as well) and sanitizes them within less wash cycle time as compared to other machines. 

  • In case you are in a hurry to wash your favorite dress, the steam wash care feature will quickly freshen up your clothes without needing them to go through a full wash cycle.
  • This LG 9 kg front loader comes with Inverter Direct Drive which runs a drum directly coupled to the motor. This makes LG front-loading machines more energy-efficient and noise-less. 
  • With 6 Motion Control Technology is useful for your laundry to have more gentle care through the motion of the wash drum in multiple directions.
  • For excellent wash quality and quick washing, this LG 9 kg front loading washing machine has TurboWash technology which cuts your washing time off by around 50-60% as compared to other machines. With a particular wash program, you can finish your laundry wash in 60 minutes.
  • Another smart feature in the LG front loading machine is SmartThinQ WiFi. This LG front loading washing machine has a wifi connectivity feature so that your whole washing machine can be operated through a smartphone app. 
  • So even if you are not home, not even in India, you can still operate your LG front loader through the app (provided that the machine is connected to wifi).

This machine has all rest of the wash programs which are available in the rest of the LG front load washing machines included in the best front loading washing machine India category.


  • Outstanding wash quality with Steam Wash
  • Suitable for large families
  • Best Budget machine in 9 kg category (feature-wise)


  • No cons found

** If you are looking for 8 kg machine with Steam Wash Technology, you can go with LG 8 kg Inverter Wi-Fi Front Loading Washing Machine (FHT1408SWS, STS-VCM, Inbuilt Heater) and save a few bucks.

Next couple of products comes under Best Premium Front Load Washing Machines with more advanced Dryers. So if you have a good budget above 50000 rupees, I would suggest you a Washer Dryer Combo.

These are the most efficient and Best front load washing machines for large families with 8+ members. You may look for ongoing discount offers on Amazon India.

LG 9 kg Inverter Front Loading Washer Dryer (LG F4J8VHP2SD)

Capacity : 9 kg

Max. Spin Speed : 1400 RPM

Wash Programs : 16+

Best features (explained below) : Premium looks, Twin Wash enabled, Steam Wash, 6 Motion DD, Direct Drive, SmartThinQ Wifi, Smart diagnosis

Suitable for : Big Family with 8-10 members

This big guy LG front loader washing machine has a capacity of 9 kg which is suitable for big families with 8+ members.

The maximum Spin Speed for this machine is 1400 RPM, which is enough for quick drying of huge laundry loads. It has 2 years comprehensive warranty on product and 10 years on motor.

Talking about its premium looks, LG 9 kg front loading washing machine has a beautiful polished Luxury Silver colored body with a waterproof black touch display panel where you have programs to select different modes, and can have the status of wash cycle presently going on along with a timer. 

A thick black door with a sparkling chrome ring gives it the most premium look to this LG front loading machine.

This LG 9 kg front load washing machine is Twin Wash enabled. It means at the bottom of this machine you can LG Twin Washer (smaller washer & dryer section) and you can wash 2 laundries at the same time.

Using this feature you can wash heavy laundry at the main section and lightweight laundry like delicate clothes, lingerie at the lower section of the machine.

This LG 9 kg front loader washing machine has all the best features available in LG machines explained above.

It has Steam Wash Technology for Germ-free washing of your laundry, which also sanitizes your clothes giving them a more fresh feel & look. It retains the color and texture of your clothes for a long time.

  • Other features like 6 Motion Direct Drive gives the motion to drum in different directions to be more gentle of clothes and gives a premium quality wash to your laundry. 
  • This LG 9 kg front loading washing machine also has a Direct Drive which couples drum directly to the motor and makes this LG front loading machine one of the best energy saver washing machines in India.
  • Smart features like LG SmartThinQ Wifi are available with this LG front loading washing machine, which helps you operate your wifi-connected machine through your smartphone from anywhere in the world. 
  • Smart diagnosis features help you find out and correct normal errors in this front loader initially saving your future maintenance cost.

All the required wash programs for all types of laundry which are explained in earlier LG models are present in this LG 9 kg front loading washing machine.


  • Premium washing machine
  • Best Wash Quality with iron dry
  • Twin Wash enabled (in case you require in future)


  • No cons found

Also check,

5 Best Washer-Dryers for Every BUDGET in India 2023

The next best and most premium front load washing machine on the list is here.

LG 10.5 kg Inverter Wi-Fi Front Loading - Best Washer Dryer (F4J9JHP2TD)

Capacity : 10.5 kg

Max. Spin Speed : 1400 RPM

Wash Programs : 16+

Best features (explained below) : Premium looks, Steam Wash, TurboWash, Inverter Direct Drive, SmartThinQ WiFi with Diagnosis

Suitable for : Large Family with 10+ members

This LG Front load washing machine is truly a big daddy in fellow front loading washing machines in India. It has a huge capacity of 10.5 kg which is made for big families with 10+ members. It comes with a maximum Spin Speed of 1400 RPM which is sufficient for drying huge loads quickly. 

This front-loading machine comes with 2 years comprehensive warranty on product & 10 years on the motor.

Eye-catching premium-looking front is the key appearance feature of this LG 10.5 kg front loading washing machine. Smoothly finished luxury silver body with a black thick door along with beautiful chrome ring adds elegance to this washing machine. 

The whole top panel of this LG front loader is made black so that resembles long display touch panel. But in the actual display is similar to other LG front loading washing machines.

  • For germ-free, hygienic washing, this LG front loading washing machine has Steam Wash Technology. This feature gives a more fresh look to your delicate clothes & makes them retain their colors & fabric texture quite longer. 
  • It has a TurboWash feature with which lessens the wash cycle time to 60 minutes.
  • This LF 10.5 kg front loader has Inverter Direct Drive which couples drum directly to the motor and saves much of power loss. This results in a more balanced operation and no noise & vibrations in this LG front loading machine.
  • It also has a wifi connectivity feature SmartThinQ WiFi which lets you operate your machine through a smartphone app from anywhere in the world.
  • I am keeping it short because it has all the features I have explained in all the above LG front loading washing machines. 

In short, this LG 10.5 kg front loading washing machine is a fully featured washing machine in India. If you have a budget to buy this machine, just go for it.


  • Best washing machine for big families of 10+ members


  • Cost may be an issue for some buyers

So these are the Best Front Loading Washing Machines in India 2023. Hope you make your best choice.

There are some Frequently Asked Questions about Front Load Washing Machines in India.

How to Choose the Best Front Load Washing Machine? (BUYING GUIDE)

I believe you must be knowing about Washing Machines a bit and also you must be aware of how front load washing machines are better than top load washing machines.

But while choosing the best front load washing machine in India, you still have to know more about front loaders as they are going to be your partners for years.

So I have brought up this Buying Guide on Front Loading Washing Machines which will help you understand each and every aspect of your next home appliance.

Capacity of Front Loaders

Capacity is one of the most important aspects that you should think of while choosing the best front load washing machine for yourself.

In India, you can have front-loading washing machines from 6 kg to 10.5 kg capacity.

So generally you will have to choose the right capacity of washing machine based on your laundry needs and your family size.

I have simply tabulated the capacity vs family size vs laundry load as below. I hope it will help you much.

Please note that the below table has very particular data. For each capacity of the front load washing machine, mentioned family member’s size may vary as per your daily laundry load.

CapacityUseful for Indian FamiliesLaundry Load
6 kgsingle or couplesShirts 4
trousers 4
bed sheets 1
towels 1
7 kgsmall family up to 4 membersShirts 5
trousers 5
bed sheets 1
towels 2
8-9 kgbig family up to 7 membersShirts 7
trousers 8
bed sheets 3
towels 3
9 kg+large family more than 7 membersShirts 9
trousers 9
bed sheets 4
towels 4

Budget Consideration

Every purchase needs some budget to spend on. 

So similarly you also need to think about your budget while buying the best front load washing machine in the Indian market.

Front-load washing machines are available from 20000 rupees and the maximum price could go up to 100000 rupees in India.

So even if you are tight on budget, you will need to have at least 20000 INR in your pocket to buy a front loader washing machine.

And basically, to get the best front loading washing machine in India, a decent budget of around 30000 should be sufficient.

And for people with a budget of more than 40000, there are many front loaders and washer dryer combos available with all the latest technologies like Steam wash, wifi Alexa support, etc.

Essential Wash Programs

Basically, every front loader washing machine comes with more or less similar wash programs. But still, there are a couple of wash programs that are different from other washing machine brands.

So I will try to put some wash programs which I think are important for everyone to have in their chosen front load washing machine.

Most Featured Wash Program – These are basically the main wash program as per the best washing technology of the front load washing machine brand. 

This one program would provide excellent wash quality with heavily soiled and stained laundry.

Daily/Quick Wash – This program is important to wash your daily laundry like lingerie, night suits, etc. Daily Wash is actually a short-time Quick Wash that is meant for less soiled laundry.

Baby Care Wash – These programs are designed to hygienically clean soft baby clothes with the use of Hot Water Wash and less detergent usage to keep baby clothes healthy.

Hygiene Wash – These programs use water at high temperatures up to 90°C and clean, in fact, kill the germs and bacteria present in the laundry.

  • This program is the most important program in this epidemic world.

Delicates Wash – These wash programs are designed in such a way to take care of delicate fabrics like silk from inner damages and at the same time to clean them thoroughly.

Other wash programs like Cotton Wash, Woolen Wash are present in every front loader washing machine.

Essential Features

Inbuilt Heater – In today’s world of an epidemic, a germ-free wash is very important for our daily laundry. And thankfully every front load washing machine has an inbuilt heater. 

Hard Water Wash – If you belong to a hard water area, that means you are going to wash your laundry with borewell water, then this feature should be under your consideration.

  • IFB front load washers have Aqua Energie technology which helps to break down minerals in hard water and make it softer for a better wash.

Other front loader brands use water-heated to high temperature for better wash quality with hard water.

Low Water Pressure – If you are going to use an indoor water tank for your washing machine, or you mostly have low water pressure issues in your area, then you will find this technology useful.

  • Bosch and Haier front loading washing machines have developed technologies that work with low water pressure. Their wash cycle times are not affected by low water pressure.

Laundry Add/Reload Function – If you forget to add any clothes while the wash cycle has already started, in the case of a top load washing machine you can easily lift the top lid up and add the clothes for washing.

But this isn’t the case in the front load washing machine.

  • So IFB and Bosch front loader brands have developed the technology which lets you pause the wash cycle for some time and let you add missed laundry to the ongoing wash cycle.

Tub Clean – Thorough cleaning of wash drum or tub is very much important for long durable odor-free life of front load washing machines.

Smart Diagnosis – This feature lets you connect your front loader to your smartphone and look for internal program errors. 

You can diagnose these small errors by yourself with the help of the solution provided in the smartphone app itself and save your future expenses on maintenance.

Wifi Connectivity and Alexa Support – Some of the front load washing machines have WiFi Connectivity which lets you operate your washing machine from anywhere.

You can easily start or stop your front loader at your convenience from your smartphone.


Every front load washing machine brand a different warranty on motor and front loader parts.

So it is better to always have an idea about what kind of warranty you are going to get on your purchased front load washing machines.

Service and Aftersales Support

Last but not least, you should look for a front load washing machine brand with decent customer support and aftersales service.

As far as I have read from reviews, IFB support is not that good. Bosch, Samsung has decent support and LG has somewhat better support than any other brand.

The city you are living in should also make some difference based on the service center for particular brands. 

So I would suggest having an idea about support for the Washing Machine brand service center before purchasing the best front load washing machine for your home.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is better top load or front load washing machine?

Front loading washing machine may look costly at first as compared to Top load washing machines, but they are more energy efficient, water efficient and provide excellent wash quality as compared to moderate wash quality in Top loading washing machines.

And as a washing machine is your long term companion, front loader’s initial cost would justify by their excellent performance in long span of time.

What are advantages of Front Loading Washing Machines?

Talking about features, front loading machines usually comes with more wash-cycles and more in-built features. All latest technologies and feature that are developed recently by any washing machine brand, is usually first incorporated in their front loading washing machine for the obvious reason that they invest more in their modern segments.

Mainly, front loading washing machines come with more number of spin cycles as compared to top loading machine of similar capacity. Also, front loading machine is better at cleaning clothes more gentle way and it removes hard-to-remove stains on clothes more effectively than a top-loading machine.

Washing cycle at elevated temperatures (up to 95°C) is my personal favourite feature in front loading washing machines as it provides a more hygienic way of washing clothes, especially baby cloths.

However, front loading washing machines also have some drawbacks over top loading washing machines, but most of them have justifications too.

What are drawbacks of Front Loading Washing Machines?

Washing time of a front loader is usually more than top loader. Whereas top-loading machine takes on average 30 minutes for a wash, for similar laundry a front loading machine would take around an hour. But it is justifiable as front loader would still consume less energy, less water and provide better wash quality than a top loader.

 Front loading washing machines are costly as compared to top loading machines. So if you are willing to buy more capacity washing machine (over 8 kg), cost difference would be more for similar capacity top loaders. As a justification, for more cost, we get more added features with front loading washing machine. But still if budget is a deciding factor, I would say it better to manage with low capacity front loader than high capacity top loader (less capacity by maximum 2 kg is my assumption here).

Cleaning of front door seals & gaskets is the major cleaning problem in front loaders. This problem doesn’t appear in top-loading machines.

For any questions related to Front Loading Washing Machines in India 2023, please write to me below in the comments section. I will reply within 24 hours. 

Thank you.

Sagar A.

Hey, this is Sagar. I am a full-time Mechanical Engineer and a part-time blogger. My love for technologies and knowledge about washing machines made me write this blog. Hope you find it helpful. Thank you.

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