6 Best Top Load Washing Machines with INBUILT HEATER in India 2023

Inbuilt Heater in washing machine is most important in 2023 as hygiene has become the utmost priority for every one of us. So if you are planning to buy a new top load washing machine, it is a best decision to go with the Best Washing Machine with an Inbuilt Heater in India.

So here I specifically talk about Top Load washing machines with heater as it is the cost-effective and first choice of many buyers.

Unlike a Front Load washing machine, every top load washing machine doesn’t have an inbuilt heater. So options to buy a top loader that uses an inbuilt heater to wash clothes with hot water are very less.

But fortunately, I have got some very good top-loading washing machines which will serve your purpose. And also here you get the best brand like IFB & Whirlpool washing machines with inbuilt heater.

So without much ado, let’s check out these top-loading washing machines.

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Why Inbuilt Heater is Important in a Top Load Washing Machine?

Top Load Washing Machine always miss one most important feature that is available in all Front Loading washing machines, that is Inbuilt Heater.

It makes it important to have a top load washing machine with heater.

But as far as a good quality of washing is considered, hot water wash softens the fabric and cleans the tough stains quite well than normal temperature water.

Also, water above 80°c takes care of bacteria, enzymes in laundry giving it a Hygienic Wash. 

Washing Machine with Inbuilt Heater is recommended for Baby clothes and for people who are sick. In short for more healthy clothes, you need to wash your clothes in a washing machine with a heater.

Hot water also ensures good solubility of detergent

So if you choose Top Load washing machine for your home, for all the above reasons we recommend you to buy the Best Top Load Washing Machine with Heater in India 2023.

Best Top Load Washing Machines with Inbuilt Heater in India 2023

Whirlpool Stainwash Ultra (N) 7.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine with Inbuilt Heater (Graphite)


This Whirlpool Top Load Washing Machine with Heater has 7.5 kg capacity which is useful for a medium-large family of 5-7 members.  Also, this top-loader comes with a spin speed of 740 RPM.

This is an advanced top loading washing machine which comes with 6th Sense Ultraclean Technology which is capable of removing 25 types of tough stains & dirt. Using this technology detergent deeply penetrates through the fabric to make excellent cleaning of your laundry happen.

Apart from this, for perfect wash, Whirlpool StainWash Ultra washing machine uses 3D Scrub feature in which clothes are scrubbed at 3 different stages. It has it’s Unique Soak feature which loosens up most of the dirt from the fabric.

The most important function in this Whirlpool top-loading washing machine is In-built Heater. Washing clothes at higher temperature ensures 99.9% removal of harmful bacteria. Hence provides you with the most hygienic wash.

  • HOTMATIC Technology – The advanced feature in this Top Load washing machine with heater is HOTMATIC Technology. With this technology, washing machine sensors monitor the wash cycle and control hot water temperature for different fabrics. This provides excellent washing for all types of fabrics.
  • Hot Water Levels – This top-loading washing machine with inbuilt heater heats up water at 6 different levels so that each type of stain (like mild mud, ink spots, oil &  bloodstains) are thoroughly cleaned at each level.
  • Hard Water Wash – As this whirlpool top loading washing machine has an inbuilt heater, it can treat Hard water for better wash quality. So if your areas have boring water, this machine is useful for you.

This washing machine is truly a smart buy for the ones who want Top load washing machine with Inbuilt Heater in India.

Whirlpool 360° BLOOMWASH PRO Heater 7.5 kg Top Loading Washing Machine with Heater (Graphite)

Second Best top-loading washing machine with heater in India is Whirlpool 360° BloomWash Pro. This top-loader has a capacity of 7.5 kg and has a spin speed of 740 RPM.

For ultimate wash quality, this whirlpool washing machine has Hot Catalytic Soak feature. This feature ensures soaking of your laundry in hot water before putting it to the washer. This hot water soak uses high concentrated detergent which penetrates through the fabric and loosens up tough stains in the soak cycle only.

This Top Load washing machine with inbuilt heater heats water up to 60°C. This hot temperature washing is better for white clothes. Also, heated water ensures germ-free washing for your kids’ clothes.

  • Hard Water Wash – The inbuilt heater in this top-loader can process Hard Water and make it suitable for better solubility of detergent and results in better wash quality with hard water. This washing machine is useful if you have boring water in your area.
  • Hexa Bloom Impeller – Whirlpool BloomWash pro with inbuilt heater has specially designed Hexa Bloom Impeller which forces clothes to flow in 360° motion by getting rubbed with each other.
  • Power Dry – This washing machine with heater has a Power Dry feature which dries different types of clothes in 4 different levels of drying.

This top load washing machine truly has excellent wash quality due to its Inbuilt Heater feature, so is the first choice for many buyers looking for best top loading washing machine in India with Heater inbuilt 2023.

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IFB 6.5 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine with Heater (TL-REWS 6.5KG AQUA)

IFB has recently introduced its Top Load washing machine with an in-built heater. This is a small 6.5 kg washing machine which is suitable for small families.

Along with an inbuilt heater, this IFB top load washing machine is suitable for Hard Water Use also. It has Aqua Energie technology which energizes water and increases the solubility of detergent for a better wash.

Additionally, for better wash, IFB top loading washing machine with heater has 3D Wash technology which sprays water jets from 3 directions and soaks clothes thoroughly in detergent water.

  • Deep Clean – This technology uses a pulsator with scrubs and aqua energie feature for deep cleaning of laundry.
  • Inbuilt Heater – Scale proof and dustproof heater for a long durable life.
  • Lint Filter Tower – The biggest lint collector in this category which collects the lint in the laundry very effectively.

LG 9 kg Inverter Wi-Fi Top Loading Washing Machine with Heater Inbuilt (T1084WFES5B)

The next Top loading washing machine with Inbuilt Heater is LG T1084WFES5B. As far as cost is concerned, if you have budget around 40000, you can take a look at this washing machine.

This top-loading washing machine has a capacity of 9 Kg and has a spin speed of 700 RPM.

This LG top loading washing machine with Inbuilt Heater doesn’t really work with hot water like Whirlpool top-loading washing machines. But LG uses Powerful Steam Technology which sanitizes your clothes and kills bacteria, germs for a more hygienic wash.

This LG top loader uses a heater to raise water temperature till 40°C. This mild water is useful for better solubility of detergent into it.

The best feature for better washing here is 6 Motion Technology. This technology uses 6 different types of motion through drum movements for better treatment to clothes. The steam feature in this washing machine ensures constant temperature inside drum throughout the wash cycle.

  • Inverter Direct Drive technology makes this LG top load washing machine with heater energy efficient. Also, Sapience HD technology provides big drum size compared the compact size of a washing machine.
  • Jet Spray feature in this top loader sprays water through laundry while rinsing which forces dirt particles trapped in fabric to move out, hence giving it a perfect wash.
  • Smartphone connectivity which lets you operate your top loading washing machine with heater from anywhere.

This LG washing machine is a choice for many because of it’s Steam feature and excellent wash quality.

Types of Inbuilt Heaters in Washing Machines

a) Conventional Stainless Steel Heater

Most of the fully automatic washing machines, including Whirlpool Top Load washing machines and other front load washing machines, use stainless steel heater.

Stainless steel heaters won’t much affect the performance of heating capacity of a top load washing machine, but in long term, you may need maintenance for calcium/salt build of on heater.

The best thing about Whirlpool top load washing machine with heater is they also come with Hard Water Wash feature which reduces minerals in hard water. This in turns reduces calcium deposits on an inbuilt heater and increases their life.

You may also use install a Hard Water Softener to your inlet pipe to make inlet water mineral-free.

Inbuilt heater in top load washing machine
Ceramic vs Conventional Washing Machine Heater (Credit: Samsung.com)

b) Ceramic Heater

Ceramic heaters are an advanced version of in-built heaters used in the fully automatic washing machine.

They prevent the buildup of water scales on the heater surface. It helps in increasing the durability of heaters in washing machines.

Additionally, the heating time required for Ceramic heaters is less as compared to conventional heaters. It helps in quick healing of water and reduced wash cycle time.

Samsung 6 kg front load washing has Ceramic Heater in it.

Advantages of having Inbuilt Heater in Washing Machine

  1. Hot water up to 60°C is useful to breakdown oil like tough stains in laundry.
  2. Hygenic and germ-free wash is the need of today’s world. So a washing machine with inbuilt heater is the most important thing to have healthy clothes to wear.
  3. Detergent solubility increases with water temperature, so with heater within the washing machine helps to deliver better wash quality.

Final Talk

As having an inbuilt heater is a top priority, there are very few options available. And as you can see Whirlpool Top Load washing machines with Inbuilt Heater are the first choice for buyers. It also performs well in terms of wash quality.

Hence I recommend Whirlpool Bloomwash Pro 7.5 as high capacity washing machine will serve your purpose of next 10 years for sure.

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