6 Best Washing Machines UNDER 40000 in India 2023

As you’re looking for the Best Washing Machine Under 40000 rupees in India, I believe you want to know Best Washing Machines between 35000-40000 rupees price.

In this price range, you should get an 8 kg to 9 kg capacity washing machine which will be sufficient to wash a daily load of 6-8 family members. 

Also, RPM of these washing machines will be as huge as 1200-1400 RPM. These machines are truly capable of handling huge laundry load.


Quick check : Best Washing Machine Under 40000 in India RIGHT NOW is LG 8 kg Front Load Washing Machine.


For the budget under 35000 to 40000 for washing machines in India, I would recommend you get the Best Front Load Washing Machines brands like LG, IFB, Bosch & Samsung have included their best and proven technologies in these washing machines below 40000 budget.

All these washing machines provide the best performance, wash quality, and durability.

For a budget above 50000, you can check Best Washer Dryer Combo in India.

Also, I have added one Best Top Load Washing Machine Under 40000 that can also be the best choice if you prefer to buy a 10 kg capacity Top Load washing machine for a large family.

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LG 8 kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine

Capacity8  kg
Spin Speed1400 RPM
Wash Programs

10 washing programs including Cotton,  Easy Care, Baby Care,  Delicate, Wool, Quick 30, Rinse+Spin, Steam Cycle

Special Features6 Motion DD, Hygiene Steam Wash, Inverter Direct Drive, Smart Diagnosis
Warranty 2 years comprehensive & 10 years on motor by LG India

The first best washing machine under 40000 budget in India on our list is the LG 8 kg Front Loading Washing Machine.

Dark grey colored washing machine with a piano black door adds beauty to the product.

LG Front loading washing machines have 6 Motion Control Technology that provides gentle care to the laundry by providing 6 types of motions inside the drum. It gets clothes rubbed against each other which results in excellent cleaning.

Another best thing we loved about this washing machine is its Smart Diagnosis system using which you can diagnose your washing machine for any internal errors without needing to call a technician.

Other special features in this best washing machine under 40000 in India are explained in short below.

  • Inverter Direct Drive – The motor is directly coupled to the drum which makes this LG front loader energy-efficient and reduced noise & vibrations while operating.
  • Hygiene Steam Care – Most required nowadays due to coronavirus pandemic, as steam treatment sanitizes the laundry, kills the bacteria, allergens and increases the life of fabrics.

If you are specifically looking for the Best LG washing machine under 40000 in India, then we should buy this one.

IFB 8 kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Capacity8  kg
Spin Speed1400 RPM
Wash Programs14+ including Express Wash, Cradle Wash, Woolen, Baby Wear, Delicates/Colors
Special FeaturesPower Steam, Aqua Energie, Cradle Wash
Warranty 4 years comprehensive by IFB + 10 years on motor

Next best front loading washing machine under 40000 price in India is IFB. This has 8 kg capacity and it is another machine to claim Ultimate Wash Quality by its maker and also reviewers.

This machine also has IFB’s own Aqua Energie technology which treats saltwater to convert it to soft water for better results.

If you got kids at home, then to take care of germ-free washing this washing machine has Anti-Allergen program. It removes all bacteria & allergens and provides fresh & clean clothes after washing.

Other features in this washing machine are listed below.

  • Express Wash – This is a specially designed program for quick washing of less-soiled clothes like gym clothes.
  • Laundry Add – If you forgot to add some clothes to wash, this function lets us add clothes in between an ongoing wash cycle.
  • Ball Valve – This function saves detergent usage and preventing it flow out with used water in first wash cycle.
  • CradleWash – A wash program specially designed to take care of delicate fabrics like silk.

So if you don’t want to compromise for wash quality in any sense, you should get this washing machine.

Bosch 8 Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Capacity8  kg
Spin Speed1400 RPM
Wash Programs14+ including Allergy Plus, Delicate/Silk, Freshen up, Super 15/30 min
Special FeaturesAqua Energie, 9 Swirl Wash, Anti Allergen, CradleWash
Warranty 2 years on product and 10 years on motor by Bosch

Bosch is a German brand of the washing machine has the best build quality and durability machines. So if you are specifically looking for Best Bosch washing machine under 40000, then your search ends here.

The important feature about Bosch washing machine is they can work even at low water pressure. This makes it useful for apartments with indoor water tanks.

This machine comes with VarioDrum technology which gets big drum as compared to other 8 kg washing machines and this drum is designed to provide cushion effect to laundry being washed.

Other features in this washing machine below 40000 are as follows.

  • ActiveWater – This feature makes this machine water-efficient as it controls the water supply through various sensors.
  • Time Delay – You can set when to start the wash cycle at a later time.
  • Anti-Vibration Design – A sturdy design makes this machine vibration-free and produces less noise.
  • Foam Detection – This feature detects the foam created inside the drum and removes it for better washing.

For best build quality in the market, you can opt for this washing machine under your budget of 40000.

LG 11 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (THD11STB)

Capacity11  kg
Spin Speed780 RPM
Wash Programs6+
Special FeaturesInbuilt Heater, Steam Wash, Wifi Connectivity, 6 Motion Control, Inverter Direct Drive

2 years on product, 10 years on motor by LG India

In spite of a good budget of 40000 rupees in India, if you still prefer to have a Top Load washing machine for your family, you should probably go for this LG top load washing machine.

For this price, you get a huge capacity of 11 kg which is suitable for large families of 7+ members.

The best thing about this washing machine is it has smartphone connectivity through SmartThinQ. You can operate this machine from anywhere. This makes it one of the Best Smart Wifi Washing Machine in India.

This washing machine comes with Steam Wash technology which uses steam to sanitize the laundry and sterilize the germs & bacteria. Steam also improve life & colours of delicate fabrics.

Other important features in this LG washing machine below 40000 are as follows.

  • 6 Motion Control – This function move drum in different directions to give gentle care to clothes inside.
  • Inverter Direct Drive – Drum is directly coupled to Inverter Motor so it eliminates power loss. This makes this washing machine more energy-efficient.
  • Jet Spray – Powerful jet sprays help to soak laundry much better with a lot of water-saving. It doesn’t require you to scrub or rub clothes before wash.
  • Tub Clean – This function does a thorough cleaning of drum and increases its odour-free life.

IFB 8 kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Capacity8  kg
Spin Speed1400 RPM
Wash Programs14+ including Express Wash, Cradle Wash, Woolen, Baby Wear
Special FeaturesAqua Energie, 4D wash, CradleWash, Repeat Wash, Ball Valve
Warranty 4 years on product & 4 years on motor by IFB 

IFB being an emerging brand in washing machines has some best washing machine in India. This IFB 8 kg Front Load washing machine is the Best Washing Machine Under 40000 in India.

The most important feature in IFB washing machines is Aqua Energie water softening technology. It energies the water (generally hard water or borewell water) and converts it to soft water. Know more about Aqua Energie process here.

Also, a specially designed CradleWash program takes care of best wash quality and long life of delicate fabrics.

Due to both of these programs, this IFB 8 kg Front Loader delivers the Excellent Wash Quality in this category of washing machines.

Other special features in this IFB washing machine under 35000 are as follows.

  • 4D Wash – This technology uses 4 directional water jets which soaks the laundry & dissolve detergent much better way.
  • Ball Valve – It restricts detergent being flow out with used water during the wash cycle. It saves quantity of detergent being used.
  • Inbuilt Heater – It increases the temperature of water for particular wash programs to provide germ-free washing.

If you are little tight on budget and looking for best washing machine under 35000 in India, then you should buy this washing machine.

LG 9 kg Front Loading Washing Machine

Capacity9  kg
Spin Speed1400 RPM
Wash Programs14+ including Baby Steam Care, Gentle Care, Delicate Care, Quick 30
Special FeaturesSteam Wash, Turbo Wash, SmartThinQ, 6 Motion Control
Warranty 2 years on product & 10 years on motor by LG India

If you can stretch your budget of 40000 by somewhere around 2-3k more, I would strongly recommend this Best 9 kg LG Washing Machine which is generally the Best Washing Machine Below 40000 budget in India.

As you must have already read in other LG washing machines, Steam Wash present in this washing machine provides more hygienic and gentle wash to even delicate fabric clothes.

TurboWash program in this washing machine is capable of speeding up the wash process by almost 50%. This nothing but reduces wash time, but also increase energy efficiency.

You can diagnose your washing machine and use it from anywhere by its smartphone WiFi connectivity feature by SmartThinQ app.

Rest of the best features in this LG washing machine under 45000 are as below.

  • 6 Motion Control – It moves drum of various motions so as to give laundry the perfect clean and cushion.
  • Inverter Direct Drive – This saves energy and power loss through directly coupled motor and drum.
  • Inbuilt Heater – Hot water wash program in this washing machine can increase water temperature up to 60°C. It provides excellent cleaning of tough stain and dirt within fabrics.

So as a little overbudget option, you can always choose this LG 9 kg front load washing machine.

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