LG vs IFB Washing Machines | 9 Factors Compared | India 2023

If you ask yourself which is the best washing machine brand in India, you would definitely answer it’s LG. But when you research about it, you will somewhere know about good sales and review of IFB washing machines.

So just like my previous article on IFB vs Bosch Washing Machine Comparison, I have decided to research and bring to you side by side comparison on LG vs IFB Washing Machines also.

While I compared IFB vs LG Washing Machines based on user reviews, I have observed that both of these two brands are providing better build and wash quality. But apart from these 2 factors, there are other factors too which needs to be considered before you make your decision.

Also, at the end of this article, I am adding some Top Load and Front Load washing machines from LG and IFB, which will make you easier to choose the best washing machine for your home use.

LG vs IFB - Which is Better Washing Machine Brand?

#1 Brand Value

Washing machine brand is the most important factor which drives your decision.

IFB is an Indian brand that is catching the home appliances market like anything. Did you know IFB stands for ‘Indian Fine Blanks’? Well, I bet you didn’t. But you must know the thing that IFB washing machine is built with better quality, have good technologies & features, and is amongst the best-selling washing machine brands in India.

LG is a South Korean brand but I must say it is very close to every Indian’s heart. LG is the most trustworthy home appliance brand in India and no doubt it offers a combo of the best technologies, quality, and services. Most of the times, you can just go for LG products.

So if brand value makes you choose the best washing machine for your home, then before blindly going for LG washing machine, let’s have a look at IFB washing machine. I am sure you may choose your mind later.

#2 Build Quality

As far as build quality is concerned, I feel that both LG and IFB washing machine brands provide a similar kind of build quality.

Personally speaking, I own LG 6.5kg Top Load washing machine for the past 4.5 years and I have never felt any build quality issue till now.

And also I have researched a lot about negative reviews on the build quality of IFB washing machines, believe I haven’t found anything.

So as a result, I would say it’s a tie between both LG and IFB washing machines from built quality point of view.

#3 Comparative Pricing

Pricing is another important aspect while choosing the best washing machine for your home use.

And while I was looking at the price range that both of these washing machine brands have considerable differences in prices.

No doubt LG washing machines come with the finest technologies but are then priced at a higher range as compared to IFB washing machines. But talking about technology vs pricing, IFB nowhere lacks in providing the latest technologies in a washing machine.

So if budget is your primary requirement, I would recommend you go for IFB washing machines as they also provide some unique best features as compared to LG washing machines at lower price tags.

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#4 Technologies

To justify my recommendation of the IFB washing machine over the previous factor of Pricing, I have mentioned the most useful technologies that are provided by both IFB and LG washing machine. 

IFB washing machine offers below technologies.

  • Aqua Energie – If you belong to an area where you have borewell water to use for washing machines,  then you should this unique feature of the IFB washing machine very much useful. This feature converts hard water into soft water into a wash drum. It helps to deliver the best wash quality as detergent dissolves much better in soft water as compared to hard water.
  • Cradle Wash – This feature is useful for a clean wash of the most delicate clothes in your wardrobe. With IFB 8 kg front load washing machine you can even wash Kanjeevaram Sarees and other delicate fabrics like silk.
  • Laundry Add – The outmost important feature in IFB front load washing machines where you can add missed laundry to an ongoing wash cycles.

LG Washing Machines provides below technologies.

  • Direct Drive Technology – LG has innovated this technology in their front load washing machines which connects wash drum directly to the motor. Hence, it reduces power loss like in belt drives, improves power efficiency and makes LG washing machine noise & vibration free.
  • Smart Inverter Technology – LG smartly uses Inverter motors that regulates power supply based on load in the wash tub. So for low load your LG washing machine will require less power supply. It makes it energy efficient.
  • 6 Motion Technology – This feature gives 6 type of unique motion to the laundry for better wash quality.
  • Steam Wash – LG’s own Steam Wash technology uses steam which nothing but freshens up your clothes but also retains their fabric structure & colors for a long time.

So as far as feature and techologies are concerned, both the washing machine brands has best technologies. Both IFB and LG washing machines provide better wash quality with the features available.

But if look from efficiency point of view, I think LG washing machines are better than IFB due to Direct Drive and Smart Inverter technologies.

#5 Features

Both IFB and LG Washing Machine provide great features which save running cost as well as improves wash quality.

So I have some useful features which make LG and IFB washing machines either similar or different from each other.

  • IFB front load washing machine allows you to add missed laundry clothes to an ongoing wash cycle, but the LG front loading washing machine doesnt.
  • Both LG and IFB washing machines has quick wash programs for daily less soiled laundry.
  • Both LG and IFB washing machines have inbuilt heaters which provide hot water wash for a hygienic wash.

Apart from Laundry Add, rest of the features in IFB washing machines are more or less similar to LG washing machines.

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#6 Wash Quality

Wash quality is the reason why you are trying to find the best washing machine for yourself. You might be aware of top load and front load washing machines, but let me tell you that front load washing machines deliver better wash quality as compared to a top load washing machine.

But here I will basically want to focus more on technologies by IFB and LG washing machines which are related to Wash Quality. Combining Best Detergent will always deliver optimum wash quality.

One major point I want to discuss is if you have hard water or borewell water in your area, you must go for IFB washing machines as it has Aqua Energie technology which delivers better wash quality with Hard water.

But if hard water is not an issue, along with your budget, then you must go for LG washing machines as they also provide better wash quality as compared to IFB washing machines.

So if you are looking for front loading washing machine under 25000 rupees, then you go for IFB washing machines.

And for top load washing machines, or above 25000 front load washing machines, you can always choose LG washing machines.

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#7 Service

Yes, you need to think about aftersales services also as your bought washing machine is going to be with you for at least 7 years.

When I specifically researched about services by both of these washing machine brands, I found that IFB washing machines lack aftersale services a lot.

So if you belong to metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Banglore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, or similar IT cities, then you must have IFB service centers around you. If you have one you can go for IFB washing machines.

But for the rest of the cities in India, I recommend getting LG washing machines as they have a good service network across India.

#8 Accessories Required

  • You may require to buy a water inlet pipe for the IFB  washing machine if your tap doesn’t match with the company inlet pipe.
  • Washing Machines are designed to be vibration-free, so don’t buy a stand at first. After a month you will realize if you need one.
  • Get a good dust-free and waterproof cover for your washing machine.

#9 Warranty

IFB Washing Machines provides 4 years warranty on product and 4 years on motor.

LG Washing Machines provides 2 years warranty on product and 10 years on motor.

IFB vs LG Washing Machines Comparison in India 2023

IFB Diva Aqua BX vs Bosch WAB16060IN- 6 kg Front Load Washing Machines

IFB 6 kg Diva Aqua BX vs Bosch 6 kg
Comparison BetweenIFB Diva Aqua BXLG FHM1006ADW


6 kg / Front Load / 800 RPM6 kg / Front Load / 1000 RPM
Wash Programs8 including Cradle Wash, Woolens, Cotton Eco8 including Easy Care, Baby Care, Delicate, Sports Wear
FeaturesAqua Energie, 2D Wash, Crescent Moon Drum, Hot Water wash, Ball ValveInverter Direct Drive, Smart Diagnosis, Auto Restart, Tub Clean
Warranty 4-year comprehensive and 10-year on spare parts2 years on product and 10 years on motor

Both of these IFB & LG 6 kg Front Load Washing Machines the best-selling washing machines in India. Due to their smaller capacity, they are suitable for couples and small families of up to 3 members.

Both LG and IFB 6 kg front load washing machines come with a 5-star energy rating, and budget-wise LG washing machine is around 1500 bucks costlier than IFB.

As far as I look at overall performances of IFB Diva Aqua SX vs LG FHM1006ADW based on their features, brand value, and service, I feel the following.

So as per my opinion, if you have borewell water for use, and if you want to save some bucks, and if you live in metro cities, and looking for better features then you can definitely go for IFB 6 kg front loading washing machine.

But if an additional budget of 1500 doesn’t bother you, you can opt for LG 6 kg front loading washing machine for LG’s best service and brand value

IFB Diva Aqua SX Full Review here.

LG FHM1006ADW Full Review here.

IFB Neo Diva BX vs LG FHM1207ZDL- 7 kg Front Load Washing Machines

ifb 7 kg front loader vs bosch comparison
Comparison BetweenIFB Neo Diva BXLG FHM1207ZDL


7 kg / Front Load / 1000 RPM7 kg / Front Load / 1200 RPM
Wash Programs11 including Cradle Wash, Woolens, Cotton Eco Plus15 including Easy Care, Sports Wear, Baby Care, Delicate
FeaturesAqua Energie, 3D Wash, Laundry Add, Hot Water wash, Ball Valve6 Motion Direct Drive, Smart Diagnosis, Auto Restart, Tub Clean
Warranty 4-year comprehensive and 10-year on spare parts2 years on product and 10 years on motor

IFB Neo Diva SX is one of the recent washing machines launched by IFB. It comes with better looks, a cheaper price, and better features as compared to LG FHM1207ZDL.

So just like our previous comparison of 6 kg front loaders, here also I would recommend you buy IFB 7 kg front load washing machine if you got IFB service centers around.

IFB Neo Diva SX Full Review here.

LG FHM1207ZDL Full Review here.

I am basically comparing IFB and LG washing machine variants that comes in close price range. If you are willing to pay around 6k bucks more than IFB 7 kg, then you should go for this LG 7 kg washing machine.

IFB Senator WXS vs LG FHT1408ZWL- 8 kg Front Load Washing Machines

Comparison BetweenIFB Senator WXSLG FHT1408ZWL


8 kg / Front Load / 1400 RPM8 kg / Front Load / 1400 RPM
Wash Programs14 including Express Wash, Cradle Wash, Anti-Allergen, Cotton Eco Plus14 including Allergy Care, Baby Steam Care, Gentle Care, Delicate
FeaturesAqua Energie, 4D Wash, Laundry Add, Repeat Wash, Tub CleanSteam Care, Turbo Wash, Wifi Connectivity, 6-Motion DD, Inverter Motor
Warranty 4-years on product and 4 years on motor2 years on product and 12 years on motor

For the above two categories, IFB has been my recommendation. But here with 8 kg capacity washing machines, LG FHT1408ZWL is a much better buying option as compared to IFB Senator WXS.

If we compare IFB washing machine features with similar features that are available in LG washing machines, I would say both the washing machines are nowhere less than each other.

But for a similar price range of under 40000 bucks, LG 8 front loader provides extensive features like SteamWash and Wifi Connectivity through the SmartThinQ app.

So in comparison to IFB Senator WXS vs LG FHT1408ZWL front load washing machines, I would recommend you buy LG Washing Machine.

For Detailed Reviews of both these 8 kg Front Loaders, please follow our article on IFB vs LG vs Bosch vs Samsung 8 kg Front Loading Washing Machines.

So this was all about Best LG vs IFB Washing Machines in India 2023.

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