IFB vs Bosch Washing Machine | 9 Factors Compared | India 2023 models

IFB and Bosch are major brands for Washing Machines in India nowadays. If you check out for user reviews on Amazon, you will get tons of positive reviews for these two brands, IFB and Bosch Washing Machines.

And while I was looking to compare IFB vs Bosch Washing Machines, I came to know that both of these two brands are a tough competition to each other based on quality, performance and value they provide.

So here to make you easier to understand which is a better brand, either Bosch or IFB washing machine for yourself, I have come up with this article and here I will be comparing Bosch vs IFB washing machines from each aspect from the user perspective.

Also, I will compare some Top Load and Front Load washing machines from IFB and Bosch, which will make you easier to choose your best washing machine.

IFB vs Bosch- Which is Better Washing Machine Brand?

#1 Brand Value

First of all brand value plays a major role driving decision of buyer, and which is quite true.

IFB is an Indian brand and it has gathered great popularity in Indian market by providing good value products in Home Appliances. Well most of us might not be knowing that IFB stands for ‘Indian Fine Blanks’.

Bosch is a German brand which itself adds value to the brand. These washing machines are designed by German engineering and are manufactured in Chennai, India. 

So if you are willing to Support purely ‘Made in India’ product, IFB washing machine should be your choice. But if you are more towards engineering behind the machine, you can go for the Bosch washing machine. #PersonalChoice

#2 Build Quality

IFB washing machines do provide a very good build quality. IFB washing machines are durable in long terms.

But if we compare IFB build quality with Bosch, Bosch washing machines come with the much better and robust build quality. Thanks to German engineering again.

Bosch washing machine takes the crown here.

#3 Comparative Pricing

Pricing is another major aspect while choosing the best washing machine.

A few years back Bosch has to be the costliest affair, but now they have launched their latest washing machines in a very competitive budget.

So when I compared prices of all Bosch and IFB front load washing machines in India right now, I am little amazed that Bosch washing machines cost a couple of thousands less than IFB washing machines.

#4 Technologies

Both the brands, Bosch vs IFB, has their own best technologies that make laundry washing very convenient and delivers the best performance.

IFB washing machine offers below technologies.

Aqua Energie – This technology energies water which improves detergent solubility. It, in fact, converts hard water into soft water which provides better wash quality as rust-free life to washing machine parts. This feature is very useful if you have borewell/hard water in your area.

Cradle Wash – IFB 8 kg Front Load washing machine provides Silk Special wash programs with which you can wash Kanjeevaran Silk Sarees in the washing machine.  

Ball Valve Technology – This special value at the outlet pipe prevents detergent being flown out of wash drum with wastewater. This saves detergent usage per wash cycle.

Bosch Washing Machines provides below technologies.

Low Water Pressure – Bosch washing machines can work at low water pressure up to 0.3 bar without affecting performance or delaying the wash cycle. It is a better feature if you use indoor water tank at your apartment.

VarioDrum – This specially designed stainless steel drum in front load washing machines prevent laundry from inner damages and provide the biggest drum in a 7 kg capacity segment.

Anti-Vibration Design – Bosch front load washing machines are designed with anti-vibration design which makes these washing machines vibration free and supersilent in operation.

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#5 Features

As far as features are concerned, both IFB and Bosch Washing Machine provide great features which help laundry gets a thorough cleaning, losing tough stains and ultimately provides excellent wash quality.

So some the useful common features where IFB washing machines vs Bosch washing machines comparisons would make a tie are as below.

  • In front-loading washing machines, laundry can be added in between a wash cycle is in progress.
  • Both brands feature some quick wash programs for daily laundry and lightly soiled clothes.
  • Both Bosch and IFB washing machines have inbuilt heaters which provide hot water wash for a hygienic wash.
  • Voltage control unit is available with both IFB washing machines and Bosch washing machines.

#6 Wash Quality

Well, this is the main aspect which you are looking for in Bosch and IFB washing machines.

So IFB uses Aqua Energie technology to soften the water, Cradle Wash feature for a gentle wash on delicate fabrics and does provide best wash quality.

Whereas, Bosch washing machines use Active Water function, VarioDrum technology to treat clothes well while washing. Overall Bosch also delivers best wash quality.

Somewhere I feel that Aqua Energie technology in IFB washing machine should treat hard water very well for washing and it should provide better wash quality than Bosch.

  • You should prefer an IFB front load washing machines if you belong to hard water areas or using borewell water is a need at your place.
  • But if you get corporation water to use in your apartment/home, I would suggest you get a Bosch front load washing machine for better wash quality.

#7 Service

Service plays an important role as these IFB or Bosch Washing Machine is going to be your partner for almost a decade.

Once a while, IFB used to provide the best service but if you check their service reviews right now, you may not want to go for IFB washing machines.

Whereas, Bosch has many positive reviews about service starting from installation.

The common unwanted factor you will experience from Installation guys is they would concentrate on selling you some other accessories like Stand, Inlet pipe, cover etc. I would say be ready with what you want and what you don’t.

#8 Accessories Required

  • You may require to buy a water inlet pipe for both IFB and Bosch washing machine if you tap doesn’t match with the company inlet pipe.
  • Washing Machines are designed to be vibration-free, so don’t buy a stand at first. After a month you will realise if you need one.
  • Get a good dust-free and waterproof cover for your washing machine.

#9 Warranty

IFB Washing Machines provides 4 years warranty on product and 4 years on motor.

Bosch Washing Machines provides 2 years warranty on product and 10 years on motor.

IFB vs Bosch Washing Machines Comparison in India

IFB Diva Aqua BX vs Bosch WAB16060IN- 6 kg Front Load Washing Machines

IFB 6 kg Diva Aqua BX vs Bosch 6 kg
Bosch vs IFB 6 kg front load washing machine
Comparison BetweenIFB Diva Aqua BXBosch WAB16060IN


6 kg / Front Load / 800 RPM6 kg / Front Load / 800 RPM
Wash Programs8 including Cradle Wash, Woolens, Cotton Eco6+ including Kids wear, Delicate/Silk, Super 30, Super Clean
FeaturesAqua Energie, 2D Wash, Crescent Moon Drum, Hot Water wash, Ball ValveActive Water, Prewash, Allergy plus, Reload function, Anti-vibration design, VarioDrum
Warranty 4-year comprehensive and 10-year on spare parts2 years on product and 10 years on motor

Both of these IFB & Bosch 6 kg Front Load Washing Machines are preferred by small families and are among the Best-Selling washing machines on Amazon in 2023.

Both are almost equally priced, have the same 4-star rating and have an almost equal number of reviews.

So the main point of comparison between IFB Diva Aqua SX vs Bosch WAB16060IN is their features, brand value and service.

So as per my opinion, if you use Borewell water for washing, go for IFB Diva Aqua SX as its feature Aqua Energie will be helpful to convert hard water to soft water. If not, Bosch WAB16060IN is the better option because of brand value and good service in India.

IFB Diva Aqua SX Full Review here.

Bosch WAB16060IN Full Review here.

IFB Neo Diva BX vs Bosch WAK24168IN- 7 kg Front Load Washing Machines

ifb 7 kg front loader vs bosch comparison
bosch vs IFB 7 kg washing machie
Comparison BetweenIFB Neo Diva BXBosch WAK24168IN


7 kg / Front Load / 1000 RPM7 kg / Front Load / 1200 RPM
Wash Programs11 including Cradle Wash, Woolens, Cotton Eco Plus15 including Sari, Delicate/Silk, Super 15/30, Super Clean, Wool
FeaturesAqua Energie, 3D Wash, Laundry Add, Hot Water wash, Ball ValveActive Water,  Allergy plus, Reload function, Anti-vibration design, SpeedPerfect
Warranty 4-year comprehensive and 10-year on spare parts2 years on product and 10 years on motor

IFB Neo Diva BX is a newly launched version of IFB Serena Aqua SXA which is about 1500 bucks cheaper in price. This IFB washing machine comes with latest new colors.

While Bosch is, with its best performance, amongst the best seller on Amazon India 2023.

While IFB Neo Diva SX has less than 500 reviews & 3.9 user rating, Bosch WAK24168IN leads the way with 2500+ reviews & 4.3 ratings.

So here, I recommend you go for Bosch 7 kg front loading washing machine over IFB.

Bosch WAK24168IN Full Review here.

IFB Senator WXS vs Bosch WAT24463IN- 8 kg Front Load Washing Machines

Comparison BetweenIFB Senator WXSBosch WAT24463IN


8 kg / Front Load / 1400 RPM8 kg / Front Load / 1200 RPM
Wash Programs14 including Express Wash, Cradle Wash, Anti-Allergen, Cotton Eco Plus15 including Allergy Plus, Freshen Up, Silk, Shirts, Lingerie
FeaturesAqua Energie, 4D Wash, Laundry Add, Repeat Wash, Tub CleanActive Water,  Allergy plus, Reload function, Anti-vibration design, SpeedPerfect
Warranty 4-years on product and 4 years on motor2 years on product and 12 years on motor

Though you might be thinking that in 8 kg front load washing machines also Bosch will take the crown. But my friend, IFB Senator WXS is nowhere less than Bosch WAT24463IN in wash quality, performance and features.

IFB Senator WXS front load washing machine comes with 4D wash technology that soaks the laundry very well to make it lose tough stain & dirt from fabrics.

Whereas, Bosch WAT24463IN a sober-looking White coloured washing machine which is quite a good budget option along with a technology that delivers 50% tangle-free clothes at the end of the wash cycle.

So here I would suggest you get a Bosch 8 kg washing machine if you want to save some bucks. But if budget is no issue, I recommend IFB 8 kg Senator WXS washing machine.

For Detailed Reviews of both these 8 kg Front Loaders, please follow our article on IFB vs LG vs Bosch vs Samsung 8 kg Front Loading Washing Machines.

So this was all about Best IFB vs Bosch Washing Machines in India 2023.

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