Samsung 6.2 kg Top Load Washing Machine India 2023

The best-selling Top Loading Washing Machine in India 2020 is Samsung 6.2 kg WA62M4100HY/TL Top Load Washing Machine. This washing machine has achieved best features and reviews from consumers because of it’s best performance in class, sleek & stylish design and budget-friendly price tag.


Capacity – This Top Load washing machine has capacity 6.2 kg capacity which is suitable for bachelors, single working professional, newly married couple or at max a small family of 3 members.

Spin Speed – This top-loader has a spin speed of 700 RPM which is moderate for drying laundry.

Tempered Glass – This machine comes with a tempered tough glass door which gives you a clear view on what’s going inside and also it’s toughness is important for long life durability.

Control Panel – This machine has a good looking LED display touch panel.

Diamond Drum – The drum of this top-loading washing machine is designed very well to reduce internal damages to clothes. Water flowing through holes on this drum flows over the internal surface and provides cushion to laundry inside.

Eco Drum – This feature provides you with a notification when it is required to clean the drum. With one touch it runs a program to clean drum for bacteria & trapped dirt or detergent precipitation. It removes unpleasant odour from the drum after long use.

Magic Filter – This top-loader has a magic filter inside the drum which collects lint & fluff in laundry and keep your clothes clean while washing.

Monsoon Mode – This feature dries your laundry faster than usual dry cycle by rapid drum rotations.

Fuzzy Logic – This is the best feature is in this washing machine which automatically selects best wash program for your laundry, and also washes time, by sensing the weight of laundry you have put in.

Warranty – Samsung provides 2 years comprehensive warranty on product & 4 years on motor.


Samsung 6.2 kg WA62M4100HY/TL Top Load Washing Machine Reviews

Below reviews are based on thoughts & comments of consumers from different online platforms.

  1. Easy to operate with simple control panel.
  2. Delivers good wash quality. You can check our recommended detergents for better wash quality.
  3. Very fewer vibrations & noise for a moderate loaded machine. It may generate noticeable noise if heavily loaded. (Heavy loading is not recommended anyway)
  4. Build quality is excellent for the budget price tag.
  5. Inlet hose pipe is short so you might need to buy another one during installation.

So this was all about Samsung 6.2 kg WA62M4100HY/TL Top Load Washing Machine.

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