4 Best Inverter Washing Machines in India 2023

What is an Inverter Technology is Washing Machines?

This is an important question to ask before choosing the Best Washing Machine in the Indian market.

If you check out Top-100 Best Selling Washing Machines in India, you will find almost 25-30% of the washing machines will be Inverter Washing Machines.

If you want to choose between an Inverter and a Non-Inverter washing machine to buy in 2023, I would say Inverter washing machines are better than non-inverter washing machines in terms of performance and energy-saving. But with these powerpack advantages, there are some disadvantages too that you should be knowing about.

An Inverter washing machine is one that has the technology to regulate the flow of current to the motor based on the actual laundry load that is put into the washing machine drum.

In more simple words, when a huge laundry to being washed, the motor will be supplied a full load of current to produce power to its full capacity.

And if there is less load of laundry being washed, the motor will be supplied less current to produce lesser power.

No doubt an inverter washing machine is better than a non-inverter washing machine due to its variable power output. But there are some advantages and disadvantages associated with inverter technology in washing machines. Let’s talk about them.

And if you further want to know how an inverter motor gets information on the laundry to load act, the answer is 6th Sense technology.

Advantages of Inverter Washing Machines

  • Low energy consumption at lower loads saves electricity in a long term.
  • Inverter motors use strong magnets that reduce friction in the motor. Less friction means less power loss.
  • Due to fewer moving parts in an inverter motor, inverter washing machines are less noisy and produce fewer vibrations as compared to non-inverter washing machines.
  • Fewer breakdowns, low maintenance, and here you get more warranty on inverter motors.

Disadvantages of Inverter Washing Machines

  • With the great package of advantages, inverter washing machines comes with high cost.
  • For short-term use, you may find non-inverter washing machines costlier as compared to non-inverter washing machines.

Inverter, Smart Inverter & Digital Inverter Technologies - Same of Different?

While searching for the best washing machine online, you might have seen different inverter technology names by washing machine brands LG, Samsung, IFB, or Bosch washing machines.

So it might put you in confusion that how is inverter washing machines technology is different than Samsung’s digital inverter technology or smart inverter technology by LG?

The answer is NO. 

All the washing machine brands are using similar Inverter technology with some minor changes or tweaks in their performance factors.

Important Technologies other than Inverter Motor in Washing Machines

Brush vs Brushless Motors

brush vs brushless motor in washing machine
Source: www.motioncontrolguide.com

Well, this is a very technical topic which we might not want to dive into.

But in a very simple way, the brushed motor has all coils & other parts on the inner axle of the motor. This whole assembly rotates when current is passed and magnetic field is imposed on motor.

And the brushless motor has most of the assembly parts on housing and they don’t rotate with the inner shaft/ axle.

So as a result Brushless motor has less friction due to fewer moving parts and is noiseless as compared to a Brushed motor.

Direct Drive Technology

Direct Drive technology in washing machine
Source: handymantips.org

Direct Drive technology is one the best technology invented by LG.

While other washing machines use a belt drive to transmit rotational motion from the motor to drum, LG Direct Drive Washing Machines has a motor directly mounted on the drum.

This Direct Drive technology not only reduces power loss due to direct coupling of motor and drum shafts but also makes the washing machine running smooth and vibration-free.

Best Inverter Washing Machines in India 2023

LG 6.0 Kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine (FHM1006ADW)


Check out the full description of this LG Direct Drive Inverter Washing Machine here.

LG 6.5 Kg Smart Inverter Top Loading Washing Machine (T65SKSF4Z)

LG 6.5 kg Top Load Inverter Washing Machine

Check out the full description of this LG Smart Inverter Washing Machine here.

Samsung 6.5 Kg Inverter Front Loading Washing Machine (WW65R20GLSW/TL)

Samsung 6 kg Inverter washing machine under 25000

Check out the full description of this Samsung Digital Inverter Washing Machine here.

LG 8.0 Kg Inverter Top Loading Washing Machine (T80SJBK1Z)

Check out the full description of a Similar LG 8 kg Smart Inverter Washing Machine here.

Final Words

Washing Machine is a long-term investment. So having an Inverter Washing Machine would possibly save your bucks on electricity in a long term.

For a couple of thousand rupees more, it is worth buying the Best Inverter Washing Machine in India as it will deliver you better performance than any non-inverter washing machine.

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Sagar A.

Hey, this is Sagar. I am a full-time Mechanical Engineer and a part-time blogger. My love for technologies and knowledge about washing machines made me write this blog. Hope you find it helpful. Thank you.

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  1. manish gupta

    hi Sagar,

    Just curious, what are the key requirements for a fully automatic washing machine…

    Capacity – in terms of KG
    Now as you said – Inverter / Non-Inverter
    Motor – which all washing machines have the non-belt Motor?
    And I presume – RPM of these Motors is the key… for drying clothes – so getting 1600 RPM is what would be beneficial against a 1000rpm washing machine.

    So can you please advise which washing machines according to your understanding have the required features that will actually add to performance and long life…


    1. Sagar A.

      Hi Manish, sorry for the late reply. I would love to help you on this.

      If you have time to read my comprehensive buying guide where I have covered all basics of washing machines.

      But I will quickly answer your points.

      Capacity – low to high depends on your family size. 7 kg washing machines are recommended for average families.
      Type of motor – Inverter is better as it saves electricity.
      Motor Belt – LG’s Direct Drive washing machines have no-belt motor.
      RPM – Yes, higher RPM means quicker drying.

      I would suggest you to go for LG washing machines due to good reliability, service network, and performance. I am using LG 6.5 kg top loading washing machine from more than 6 years now and it has never caused me any issues yet. You can go for LG 7 kg Front Load or LG 7 kg Top Load Washing Machine as per your preference.

      I hope it helps. Thank you.

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