IFB 6 kg Diva Aqua SX Reviews & Features India 2023

If you are planning to buy the Best Selling Front load washing machine in India IFB Diva Aqua SX, I would recommend you go through IFB Diva Aqua SX reviews & features in this article. 


  • This front loader has capacity of 6 kg which is recommended for single or couple. This IFB Front Loading Washing Machine has 800 RPM spindle speed which dries laundry quite well.
  • This IFB Diva Aqua 6 kg front loading washing machine has Crescent Moon Drum which is specially designed to provide water cushion to laundry in washer drum.
  • 2D wash system in this IFB front loading washing machine uses water shower for better cleaning of laundry.
  • This IFB Diva Aqua front loader has Ball Valve which doesn’t let detergent leave with used water. Hence it saves detergent usage.
  • This IFB front loading washing machine has Auto Balance System which balances load inside drum for more stable washing. 
  • Also, if you missed to add some of your clothes for washing, don’t worry you can put your laundry in between wash cycle by IFB’s Laundry Add feature.
  • This IFB 6 kg Diva Aqua SX is truly a choice of newly married couples for their daily washing needs.

IFB Diva Aqua SX Reviews

  • Budget friendly front load washing machine in India.
  • Installation guy tries to sale other products which is quite irritating as far as service is concerned. Lot of reviewers has highlighted about it.
  • Moderate wash quality.
  • IFB service issues at tier-3 onwards cities.
  • Noise level is moderate.
  • Simple options and easy to use.
  • Overall IFB Diva Aqua SX reviews are moderate.

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