What is Fuzzy Logic in Washing Machines?

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If you are planning to buy a washing machine and looking for what is Fuzzy Logic in Washing Machines, its application  & most importantly why fuzzy logic is important feature is a washing machine, you have reached the right place. 

The concept of Fuzzy Logic was introduced by Prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh in 1965, and over period of time this logic was developed through codes & programs. These programs were implemented in home appliances like Washing Machines, Vaccum Cleaners after 1980’s.

Fuzzy Logic in Washing Machines 

Fuzzy Logic is nothing but a smart feature in Washing Machines which itself determines quantity of water, detergent, wash-time, program required based on the laundry you have put in to your washing machine.

Fully-automatic Washing Machines has different sensors installed into it. These sensors senses amount of load (or call it weight) of laundry being put into drum. In a few front load washing machines it even senses fabric of clothes put in. 

How fuzzy logic works in washing machines?

So initially fuzzy logic chooses a program to run to wash the load. This chosen program includes quantity of water, wash time, quantity of detergent, water temperature and wash program (like cotton, wool, extra care etc).

Once the first wash cycle is in progress, various sensors in washing machine sense amount of dirt remaining in laundry, and makes necessary modifications in ongoing wash program for better wash in same wash cycle.

So if you have less soiled clothes, Fuzzy Logic washes clothes in less time, less water & detergent as compared to Washing of heavily soiled clothes. In this way fuzzy logic saves water and energy in fully automatic washing machines.

Fuzzy Logic application in Washing Machines 

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines doesn’t have fuzzy logic feature. Fuzzy Logic is introduced in Fully-Automatic Washing Machines. Again a few Top Load Washing Machines don’t have fuzzy logic so you should check for this feature in if you planning to buy a Top Loading Washing Machine.

But if you are looking for a Front Load Washing Machine, you will get Fuzzy Logic is all models.

So this is all about Fuzzy Logic in Washing Machines. Hope this article has been useful. Thank you.

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