3 Easy Steps – How to Dry Clothes in Washing Machine?

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Drying clothes sometimes really take more time. Even if your washing machine dries your clothes after washing, it doesn’t provide you with completely dry clothes. So definitely the question arises how to dry clothes in the washing machine for better drying results?

To get 100% dry clothes at the end of the wash cycle, you definitely need a Washer-Dryer combo. But as washer-dryers are costly and mostly we end up buying either a top loading or front loading washing machine, We will need an extra wash cycle to dry our clothes to much extent.

So, I will get you through the process of using your washing machine to dry clothes with an extra dry cycle on your washing machine. I will also share some useful tips to make sure your clothes come out just the way you want them.

how to dry clothes in washing machine

When Do You Need an Extra Cycle of Drying Clothes?

You might think, why to dry clothes in a washing machine if they have already came out of a complete wash cycle anyway. Well, there are some advantages.

  1. Fast Drying: Washing machines can dry your clothes quicker than traditional drying. When you are in a hurry, you can smartly use an extra dry cycle instead of waiting hours to dry them in open air.
  2. Short of drying space: If your balcony place is tight to place a dryer stand, using your washing machine for drying makes it perfect for smaller homes.
  3. Weather conditions: On a rainy or humid day, drying clothes would definitely take more time. In the heavy rainy season, clothes won’t dry indoors as well.

How to Dry Clothes in Top Load Washing Machine?

Top load washing machine works on centrifugal action principle and most of them does not have Air Dry mode. So to dry your laundry, spin cycle rotate the drum with highest available RPM to extract water from clothes with the help of centrifugal force.

Step 1: Put your wet laundry in drum

Segregate your laundry and put them in washing machine drum to run a drying cycle.

Step 2: Select Spin only mode manually

Select Spin cycle manually by pressing ‘Spin’ button and press the button multiple times to select timer. If clothes are too wet, select more time, and if clothes are not to wet, use lower time for dry cycle.

Use Air Dry mode if your top load washing machine has it.

Step 3: Repeat, if required

As you should not expect completely dry clothes in a top load washing machine, check the dryness and repeat the cycle if required.

Pro-tip: Use less number of wet clothes in one drying cycle for better results. And use an Iron box to avoid wrinkles.

How to Dry Clothes in Front Load Washing Machine?

Front load washing machines works on Tumble action, meaning drum rotates around horizontal axis. Due to which RPM on front load washing machine are more than top loaders.

Rest for drying the clothes, it uses same centrifugal action along with gravity to drip the water out of laundry.

Step 1: Put wet laundry in drum

Here as well, segregate there laundry before putting it to dry.

Step 2: Select Spin only program and RPM

Front load washing machines have ‘Spin’ program on rotary knob, please select that. And then press ‘Spin’ button on right side panel to select RPM. More RPM for too wet laundry, and less for low wet.

Use Air Dry mode if your front load washing machine has it.

Step 3: Repeat, if required

Check the dryness of your laundry after one dry only cycle and repeat the cycle if required.

In Air Dry mode, vents in washing machine are open to take Air inside drum which helps to dry clothes quickly. It does not uses hot air.

But unfortunately there is no washing machine available in India with Air Dry feature. Not even in front load washing machines priced around 30000 in India.

How to Dry Clothes in a Washer-Dryer?

On the other hand, washer-dryers have seperate mode for drying which uses hot air to dry clothes. So here you have an advantage of getting perfectly dry clothes in one cycle.

Step 1: Put wet laundry in drum

So segregate your loundry and put it in the drum.

Step 2: Select Spin mode and temperature

Washer-dryers have ‘Spin’ program on rotary knob, please select that. Them you select RPM and Temperature level as per your laundry requirement.

Step 3: Enjoy iron-ready dry clothes

As washer-dryers are made for 100% drying, get your wet laundry ready to iron and wear in one dry cycle.

Sunlight is the best way to freshen up the clothes while drying.

Things To Remember

Use the Lowest Drying Setting: Whenever possible, choose the lowest drying setting to save energy and protect your clothes.

Clean the Lint Trap: After each use, don’t forget to clean the lint trap to keep your machine running smoothly.

Avoid Overloading: Overloading the machine can lead to uneven drying. It’s best to leave some room for your clothes to move around.

Delicate Fabrics: Be cautious with delicate fabric, it’s usually best to avoid drying them in the washing machine to prevent damage.

Segregate your laundry: Consider the points below based on the fabric type you want to set in the washing machine.

  • Cotton: It’s fine to use high or medium heat.
  • Wool: Go for low heat or just let it air dry.
  • Delicate fabrics: Best to air dry or use a gentle cycle.
  • Synthetics: You can use medium heat.

Don’t dry anything else: Use your washing machines to only dry clothes, bedsheets and blankets. If you want to wash and dry shoes, we have another article on how to wash shoes in washing machine. Please do check that.


Drying your clothes in a washing machine is a smart choice that can help you get better and quick drying. By following these simple steps and tips, you can enjoy perfectly dried clothes in a shorter period of time than traditional drying methods.

I hope I was able to answer your query on “how to dry clothes in the washing machine” in a simplified way. If you have some query, please feel free to comment below. I will answer it as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading and have a nice time using your washing machine!

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