5 Easy Steps – How to Use Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets?

Washing machines are like hardworking laundry helpers. They clean our clothes every day. But have you ever wondered about cleaning the washing machine itself? Just like any other appliance, washing machines need regular care to work well. That’s where washing machine cleaning tablets come in.

In this simple guide, I’ll explain how to use washing machine cleaning tablets. It’s easy for anyone, whether you know a lot about machines or not. It doesn’t matter if you have a front-loading or top-loading machine – I’ve got you covered.

how to use washing machine cleaning tablets

What is a Cleaning Tablet?

A washing machine cleaning tablet is like a special soap pill for your washing machine. It helps to clean the inside of the machine where you put your clothes. This tablet removes dirt and bad smells from your washing machine. To use it, you just put the tablet in the machine, and it makes your washing machine clean and fresh when you run it.

Why Cleaning Your Washing Machine is Important?

Keeping Your Machine Healthy

Your washing machine works hard to clean your clothes, but with time, it can get dirty too. Soap, dirt, and minerals can build up inside it. This can lead to mould, bad smells, and other problems. Cleaning it regularly keeps it clean and safe.

Making Your Machine Last Longer

A well-kept washing machine can work for a long time. By cleaning it, you stop it from wearing out too soon. This can save you money by not having to buy a new one.

So for better cleaning performance of your daily laundry and white clothes, it is really important to use washing machine cleaning tablets to clean the wash drum.

Now, let’s get into how to use those cleaning tablets.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets?

Preparing Your Washing Machine

Before you start cleaning, get your washing machine ready. This helps the cleaning tablets do their job well.

For Front-Loading Washing Machines

Empty the Drum: Make sure there’s no laundry left inside.

Check the Rubber Seal: Front-loading machines have a rubber seal around the door. It usually forms detergent residuals, and hard water salts. Check if it has any dirt and clean it with a wet cloth.

For Top-Loading Washing Machines

  • Empty the Drum: Just like the front-loaders, make sure there’s no laundry left inside.
  • Look at the Agitator: In the middle of top-loading machines, there’s something called an agitator. Check if it’s dirty and clean it.

Placing the Cleaning Tablet

Now that your washing machine is ready, it’s time for the star of the show – the cleaning tablet.

  • Find the Drum: Open the drum to see the inside.
  • Put the Tablet In: Take one tablet and put it inside the drum. Put it in the middle so it doesn’t get stuck in any folds.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Cycle

You need to pick the right cycle for the tablet to work well. The steps are a bit different for front-loading and top-loading machines.

For Front-Loading Washing Machines

Front-loading machines have special cleaning cycles. Here’s what to do:

  • Select a Cleaning Cycle: Look at your machine’s manual to find the right cycle. It might say “Clean” or “Tub Clean.” Choose that one.
  • Set the Temperature and Spin Speed: If your machine lets you, choose hot water and a high spin speed for the best cleaning.

For Top-Loading Washing Machines

Top-loading machines might not have special cleaning cycles. In that case, do this:

  • Pick the Longest and Hottest Cycle: Choose the longest washing cycle your machine has. Usually, this one cleans the most. Also, use the hottest water.

If your top load washing machine does not have an inbuilt heater, manually use hot water and make sure the tablet dissolves completely and cleans everything.

Running the Cleaning Cycle

Now, it’s time to start cleaning:

  • Begin the Cycle: Start the cleaning cycle you picked. The machine will fill with water and clean itself.
  • Let It Finish: Wait until the cycle is done. This usually takes 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your machine and the cycle you chose.
  • Watch for Problems: While it’s cleaning, keep an eye on the machine. If you hear strange noises or it shakes a lot, stop the cycle and check the manual.

After Cleaning

When the cleaning cycle is over, there are a few important steps to keep your washing machine in good shape:

  • Open the Door: After the cycle, leave the door open to let the inside dry.
  • Wipe the Drum: Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the inside of the drum. This gets rid of any leftover tablet bits.
  • Clean the Door Seal (Front-Loaders): If you have a front-loading machine, wipe the door seal too. It can get dirty and grow mould, so cleaning it helps.
  • Check the Detergent Dispenser: Make sure there’s no tablet residue in the detergent dispenser. Clean it if needed.

Extra Tips

Keeping Your Washing Machine in Good Shape

How Often to Clean

How much you use your washing machine decides how often to clean it. If you use it a lot, clean it every month. If you use it less, clean it every three months.

Choosing the Right Tablets

Not all tablets are the same. Check your machine’s manual to see which tablets it recommends. Using the wrong ones could harm your machine.


If something goes wrong during cleaning, like the tablet not dissolving or weird noises, look at the manual for help. Fixing problems quickly stops more damage.

Maintenance Checklist

To remember these important steps, make a checklist. This way, you can make sure your washing machine stays in good condition.


Using washing machine cleaning tablets is an easy way to keep your machine clean and make it last longer. By following these simple steps and cleaning your machine regularly, you’ll keep it running well, and your clothes will always come out clean and fresh.

Remember, taking care of your washing machine not only saves you money but also makes laundry day a breeze.

I hope I was able to provide you heater insights on how to use washing machine cleaning tablets. If you have any questions please add them in the comment section below, I will answer them as early as I can.

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Thank you for reading and happy washing!

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